Native Instruments Ethereal Earth Crack 2.0.2 Free Download 2023

Native Instruments Ethereal Earth Crack 2.0.2 Free Download

Ethereal Earth Crack also makes its most recent play series debut. These virtual instruments for Kontakt 6 are very easy to use and targeted more towards musicians and composers than sound designers. The Ethereal Earth collection, which offers more than just recorded noises, is one of these ambient collections. The engine from the Kontakt 6 Play series, which dramatically simplifies and enhances sound composition, is part of the collection. With this feature, you may quickly change the factory settings and create brand-new tracks. The two oscillators, or sound sources, (A and B) that make up the engine each contain 123 sampled sounds.
Ethereal Earth Crack

Ethereal Earth VST Crack includes Ambience, Bass, Brass, Drone, FX, Lead, Pad, Feather, Chord, Texture, and Wind among its 100 environment presets. The engine that drives these sounds is capable of much more than just playing sounds, thus presets are but one example. For each generator, there is a small menu from which you can select your favorite source. Here, you may find a variety of modes, bass, synth tracks, piano, pads, textures, and more. Now you can download Native Instruments Ethereal Earth Crack the latest version. from the website.

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They are chosen from a list provided by each generator, from which you can quickly pick the font you desire. Mods, Basses, Synths, Pianos, Pads, Textures, and more are available here. It’s convenient to be able to blend two distinct sounds to your taste. Anyone, including musicians who are not involved in sound design or programming, may comprehend the basic idea.

In addition to audio sources, the interface offers basic settings, a type of macro control that assembles a collection of parameters that do intricate tasks in the background. A/B mixing can be used to regulate the ratio of two oscillators. While the right has more B’s, the left has more A’s. The option to update and restore factory sounds is another fantastic feature.

The screen (head), extra effects like reverb, mesh, etc., as well as the AR skin (attack, release) for both sound sources are displayed below. However, the influence differs depending on the factory’s choice of location. The options for audio manipulation are interesting while being pretty straightforward. You may easily change the factory settings, and you can simply apply further tweaks to the sound to make it more distinctive.

Play Series Engine:

There is a small menu for each generator that you may use to rapidly select your chosen source. Here, you may find a variety of atmospheres, bass lines, synthesizers, pianos, pads, textures, and more. It’s advantageous that you may use any combination of two words in this statement. The fundamental concept may be understood by musicians with no prior knowledge of sound design or patch programming.

In addition to audio sources, the interface offers helpful choices, a type of macro control that condenses a number of settings that operate tirelessly in the background. You may change how much power is distributed between the two generators using the Blend A/B function. Less A than B from left to right. Another excellent feature is the capability to immediately reset and revert to the factory sound.

Macro Controls:

After that, there are a few other effects like reverb, mesh, and AR Attack, as well as audio source output envelopes, filter clipping, and so on. The impact is changed regardless of the factory configuration that is selected. Despite being quite simple, the sound processing settings are interesting. The factory settings may be quickly changed, and you can quickly add more effects to your sound editing.

Without a sure, musicians who have utilized synthesizers or complex audio plugins would quickly become bored with this. This, as said previously, is for musicians that want to place a greater focus on creativity than sound design.


Native American Instruments Ethereal Earth might be considered a “bread and butter” virtual instrument for basic ambient sounds since it has nice and versatile sounds that are perfect for both inexperienced and experienced musicians who are fast on the keyboard. Spending a lot of effort creating spherical sound is undesirable. The focus of this collection is primarily on composition than audio editing. Built-in macro controls enable the customization and fine-tuning of sounds.

Ethereal Earth Crack

Native Instruments Ethereal Earth (Kontakt) [Latest] Free Download:

So, you need to install Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 to use this program. We are sharing this file as Ethereal which you can download from the below direct link. This app requires 1 GB RAM to run. 2 GB of free space is required to install native tools Ethereal Earth (Connection). Yes, this is a complete offline installer/sandstone setup. In short, it works with 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64) Windows.

Native Instruments Ethereal Earth Other Features:

  • Also, the good thing is that here you can combine two different words in any way you want. The principle is simple enough that anyone can understand it, including musicians with no background in sound design or patch programming.
  • In addition to audio sources, the interface offers simple settings, the kind of macro controls that bundle many items and parameters that do the heavy lifting behind the scenes.
  • The ratio of the two generators can be set using the Blend A/B function. More A than left, more B than right. It’s a great feature to quickly restore and replace factory sounds.
  • First, there are two audio sources, a filter (cut) and an AR (attack, release) envelope for many other effects like echo and grid. However, the effects change depending on the factory setting selected.
  • Similarly, the audio processing setup, while very simple, is interesting. You can quickly override the factory settings and quickly customize your sounds with additional effects.
  • After that, one thing is clear: musicians with experience working with synths or deep audio plugins will quickly lose the fun here. As mentioned above, it is aimed at musicians who want to focus on composition rather than sound design.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Space is like bread and butter.
  • It looks like the editor is ready to use.
  • Collect 6 players.
  • SCN support


  • The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface for beginners
  • Bread and butter atmospheric sounds.
  • Ready-to-use sounds that can be customized.
  • Contact 6 players.
  • NKS support


  • The third-party template library version has been removed.

System Requirements:

  • Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument (included with the full version of KONTAKT 6)
  • Download size: 1.3 GB
  • System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT (Version 6.1 or higher) Please also
  • see the KONTAKT PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT PLAYER FAQ

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